Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Blogging Month

I just found out that November is National Blogging Month. I'm a day behind, but I figure I'll probably post twice one day to make up for it. So, I too am going to try to do one post for every day in the Month of November without boring all you readers to death.

This week is reading week for both my Art History course and my Linguistic course. What does this mean you ask? It means I have to lectures or tutorials for either class for the whole week. The point of this week is for us to spend time working on our essays which I fully plan to do. I'm choosing my paintings for my Art History essay today and checking out books for all the essays I have due next Tuesday.

Speaking of that, I hate that all of my courses have their first essay due on the same day. It's rather frustrating because I have to jump between writing styles and essay questions and mode of thinking fast and effectively to write several different essays in my different courses.

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