Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8: Brain Fart

Ok, so I actually finished my English Essay and got a great vote of confidence from both my parents who basically said "Well, change this one thing, but otherwise it's good." And that one thing was I accidentally forgot a word or I ended a sentence in a preposition. So I was feeling goo about it. So good about it I decided that since it's due Tuesday that I would write my introduction and conclusion and recheck my footnotes today and then turn it in tonight. Good plan right? Well, it would be a better one if the paper happened to be due Tuesday. Haha, Erin got her papers confused. It was due today by noon in the office and in "turn it in". Oh dear. It's ok though, I talked to my tutor and she said that one day wasn't so bad and it's going to be in first thing in the morning so good.

Now all I must to is finish my Art History Essay (I've stitched a picture because I couldn't find enough written on Madonna Litta) or rather I should start and finish my Art History Essay and get ready for a seminar I'm suppose to help lead tomorrow. It's going to be a long night.

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