Saturday, February 2, 2013

Final Exam and First Week Back

My last exam went just like the first two. I walked out feeling confident that I had put everything that need to be mentioned in the essays and I wrote for 45 minutes straight for each one. So, I had three exams where I think I passed with firsts and one where I'll be happy if I passed. 

My first week back made this semester look much better than last semester. The reason I believe I didn't do well in my Methods exam was because the lecturer really didn't lecture. Now, I grew up with two University lecturers/professors. I learned from a really, really young age that teachers don't hand out grades, the students earn them. So, I never blame the teacher for a grade (I do expect them to tell me how I can do better in the future though). I don't believe that it's the job of the lecturer to teach us I believe that it's their job to give us the tools to learn. To give us the foundation to build upon. This lecturer didn't give us the foundation...he barely gave us the nails. Plus, have I mentioned that I don't like multiple choice? Especially since I don't believe that we were taught in a way that would allow us to do well in multiple choice. Anyway, this is a long winded way to say that the Methods lecture on Monday was much better than last semester. 

I'm also pretty excited about this semester's practical. I'm in the practical group for colour vision! It's one of my favourite subjects. While it's really thick and researching it is pretty hard, it's still pretty cool. Should be fun.