Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6: Essays, Essays, Essays

I actually have gotten work done on my essays! That's ok people. No need for applause. :)

I haven't finished them yet, but I'm hoping to finish one completely tonight and the other tomorrow. AND I found out that one of my essays isn't due until Friday, so I'm going to sit on that one while I work on the ones that are due on Tuesday. I'm making real progress with my English essay, though I'm actually having a little trouble making it flow properly. Writer's block is my worst enemy. Well, actually I am my worst enemy. I'm sure I just think it's not flowing. But we'll see when I send it off the my editors (Mother and Father) and if they have time to read it over and tell me if it's crap or gold then I'll know for sure.

In other news I wasted my Saturday shopping. I got a robe (finally) at the Disney Store here which is much cooler than the one I have at home and a new pair of boots. Sadly, my Ugg knock offs that I've had for years just aren't keeping out the wet anymore. So, seeing as it's going to get a lot wetter from here on I've decided to retire them. I also bought one more thing, but that post is for tomorrow so you shall have to wait.

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