Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4: Procratination

I'm trying very hard to get these essays done, but you see I have this big problem. I'm a chronic procrastinator. I just can't seem to kick the habit no matter how hard I try.

What usually sets of the procrastination is that it's something I don't particularly want to do. I love writing, but writing essays just sort of bores me. And this time I have to write 3 different essays for 3 different classes all due on the same day. Each one of these essays is suppose to be done in a different format and style and I just don't quite feel like going in between the "British" version of MLA to...whatever it is my Art History essay is suppose to be written in. There's just so much more fun things to do.

For one, blogging. I like this kind of writing. It's fun and free and you can pretty much write about anything. In an essay I am set to what the markers want to read. If it were up to me I would go on long rant about how fairy tales used to be this great oral tradition of all of our ancestors and now they are a ploy of the movie and book industry to make more money than God (no offense Big Guy). But instead I have to write about how transformation can be analyzed phycologically (this is a word I've never been able to spell so, sorry) in fairy tales. Needless to say I'm choosing one of the many variations of "Beauty and the Beast" and saying that the Beast represents the young girl's fear of growing up into sexual awareness and her inhibition of the opposite sex. And I'm also using Snow White to point out that older women also have this fear of growing older and that the reason the queen turns into an old, ugly hag is because that is how she now sees herself. Nothing too exciting, but I have to find articles and books and journals that back up my point which is where I'm running into a wall on this one. I hate searching for journal articles because sometimes the most useful article only says one or two things on the subject but it's the most profound thing you have ever read. Only, you can't find those articles easily because they generally only show up on the 5th or 6th search.

See what I mean? There are just a lot of things that are more fun than sitting in the library searching endlessly through journals. This includes things like studying my Gaelic and cleaning my room. I know I'm weird but I do enjoy cleaning to an extent. A clean room allows your mind to become less cluttered and Lord knows I need a good sweeping in there.

So for now, to increase the quality of my essays you understand, I am going to unclutter my room so I can unclutter my mind.

If any of you have any advice on how to help with my procrastination I would welcome it.

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