Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30: Announcement

Well, I did promise an exciting announcement didn't I? So, here it is.

I figured out what I want to do with my life (if you want the full story please visit my GDB Puppy Blog) and unfortunately it has little to do with what I'm doing here in Scotland. Here I am doing a joint major in English and Celtic Studies (though I'm probably changing that to English and Art History or Physcology) and that just doesn't help when what you want to be is an Orientation and Mobility Instructor and a Blind Rehabilitation Specialist. What does this mean exactly. Well, in short it means that I might not come back next fall. I've already decided that I'll finish out the year here. BUT! I might transfer to get my undergraduate work done in Blind Studies then I would probably go to SF State to get my Masters in O&M. But right now, at this point, my life is like a book open to a blank page yet to be written. I'll keep you all informed of what I'll be doing.

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