Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22: Sad News from the Homefront

My fish has died and I'm in a state of Mourning right now. Poor Cunningham supposedly froze to death. What a way to die. :( I kept that fish alive for over a year and it only took two months for him to go belly up without me. Sigh, life is short isn't it? Perhaps this is what I'll write my sonnet on. The short life of a beautiful fish.

In other news, I was told to calm down today but my oral Gaelic teacher. Would you be surprised that she wasn't the first teacher to tell me that exact phrase?


  1. With all due respect, Cunningham didn't freeze to death. It did get a bit chilly one night, but it was far from freezing. He was protected from hungry cats for quite a while. He just reached the end of his life. Their average life is 3 years and often they are a year or more old when they reach the pet store.

  2. With all due respect Dad, it is what you said in your message to me on facebook. So that's what I'm going with.