Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26: Girls' Night In Part 2

As most of you know last night was Thanksgiving. This is the first Thanksgiving since I was born that I didn't celebrate the American style. But I did sort of celebrate it.

Last night was another Girls' Night In for Marlene, Vera, Lisa, and me. This time it was at my place just in case I got a call from one of my parents. We had lots of pizza and crisps and biscuits and blackcurrantade. It was pretty good. I wasn't too sure about blackcurrantade but it's just like black currant juice only fizzy. Then we talked about girl things like boys and their stupidity, and classes that made us angry, and the horrible things of being a girl. That's always my favourite part. :) Then we watched "How to Train Your Dragon". I hadn't seen it before, but I LOVED it. It's just a really cute movie and that's what I want in my stocking this year.

So, not a traditional Thanksgiving, but a really fun one nonetheless. Thanks to my friends who came over and made me forget that it was a holiday. :)

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