Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18: AURA Quiz

Hey all! Last night AURA hosted a pub quiz style quiz without the alcohol. As I am part of the committee I got to help come up with the questions and helped read them out. :) It really was a lot of fun, though there was a few points of stress here and there, but I'm not going to go into that over the Internet. Let's just say that there were...issues with a person.

But besides these issues I think we all had a spankin' time. I know I did. We got to sit on stage looking all superior and mark quiz sheets and all that. I felt very high on the food chain. Tehe. We were on an elevated stage and it at least made me feel important.

There were 7 rounds to this quiz and we have decided that next quiz it'll be a shorter one. Anyway, we had Arts&Literature (but it was renamed "books" because that was all the questions were about), Film, TV, Weird Science, Weird History, General Knowledge, and a Music round in 3 parts. There was the Guitar Intro better known as the What the Hell is Jamie Trying to Play? Part (He actually did very good, but that is what the question sheet had on it). Then there was the Acapella round or What in the World is the Committee Mumbling at You? Part. And finally there was the Finish the Lyric Part which I have renamed the WFT Mate? round. This is because one of the questions was;


And we only accepted one specific answer though there are four possible answers. :)

It really was great fun.

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