Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29: Change of Plans

I'm now flying home on the 10th! That means I'm going to get home a whole week sooner than I originally was. Why have I done this? It's not because I'm bored here or any of that, it's because I've been getting a little homesick and really wanted to go home to my dogs and cats...but not my fish...RIP Cunningham. I know, I know. I'll be missing the last week of school. It bothers me a little too, but then most of my older and wiser friends basically said, "What's wrong with missing a week?" when I told them about my apprehension of not going to class for a week. So this is what I think. Most students will miss two lectures per class through the semestre. I have missed one lecture total in all my classes because I was really, really ill. So, I've saved my "I just don't feel like getting out of bed in time to make me 9am class" and "I have a 4 hour break between my morning and my afternoon class...why go to the one hour afternoon class?" ditches and saved them for this week of getting to go home early. It did cost me a little extra to change my flight schedule, but not much...well, not more than I was thinking. And the flight I re booked was actually cheaper than the one I originally booked so I even got to pay less. So, I'm very ok with paying a little extra if that means I get to be in my own room (though, my paint job has probably been painted over) with my own dogs. :) I'm not going to say my own bed because I think they've moved my single bed and the rest of my furniture out and stuck a double bed in. But I don't know yet.

I leave for home in 11 days!!!!! When did the semestre go by?!

BTW: I got a 16 on my Art History essay! YAY! One of the highest scores in the tutorial class. If I had actually proofread the thing for spelling and grammar mistakes I probably (well, that's what he says) would have gotten a 17. I might just stick with Art History.

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