Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Week Left

In exactly one week I'll be at LAX waiting to board my flight. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to book a flight that left at 8pm. Don't really know what I was thinking, but as of right now I'm just happy that I have tickets and a seat on the flight.

We had a little trouble with the bank and their fraud check. Long story short, they declined the transaction for the tickets and didn't tell us. Rather, they told us, but it wasn't clear that they had declined the transaction instead of just checking to make sure that we did authorize this and put it through eventually. We've brought it to the back's attention that they need to make this clear on their fraud prevention message. Thankfully though, there was still room on the flight and even more thankfully, the airline didn't charge me extra. Unfortunately, I've love my stellar seat. I'm probably in the back which I absolutely hate on long flights! The seats are generally more squeezed together and more uncomfortable. There was a part of me that wanted to tell me the give me the seat I picked back, but I knew they were being super nice about not charging more and getting me a seat. So, I let it slide but we've had a talk with the bank about the fact that I will have charges in both the UK and the US and to not decline airline tickets like that without calling and asking first.

I'm pretty ready to get back. I know that I'm going to miss here, but I'm really excited to get back to my little place with my Lisa. I can't believe that we have our nice, little flat after looking so long. I really can't wait to set up my room and get back to...home. I guess that's what it is now; my home. Scary, scary thought.

7 days and counting.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirty Sinuses

Ready for today's adventure? For those of you who are squeamish, this might not be the post for you. Today's adventure;

The Neti Pot

For those of you who don't know, a neti pot is a tea pot looking thing that you fill with solution and stick up one of your nostrils. Then you bend over a sink, tilt the pot so the liquid goes into your nostril, and then wait until the solution starts coming out your other nostril. The purpose pouring this liquid in one nostril and out the other is to clean out your sinuses. Sounds fun right?

Ok, it doesn't sound fun at all and to be honest, it isn't all that fun to use either. So, why am I using it? Because I had been having horrible sinus headaches for the past week and I was tired of having to take decongestants and pain killers. I wanted to try something different. This is definitely different.

Now, the one way I never ever ever want to die is by drowning. I would rather be burned alive than drown. That, my friends, is how much I do not *ever* want to experience drowning. You may be asking yourself, "If she doesn't want to drown, isn't using something that pushes water up her nose really uncomfortable." Yes, gosh yes it is! I HATE the feeling, but I have to admit that it actually feels like it's working.

I used this thing twice today. I used it in the morning and right here before I went to bed. The first time I got the water to flow nicely through both sinus canals and had...a lot of stuff come out. This time right before bed though I had a little trouble when pouring the solution through my left nostril. The directions say that the solution won't drain into your mouth through your throat as long as you aren't bending backwards. Well, no matter what I did tonight, the water was draining into my mouth. My first thought after I made sure I was not bending backwards in any way was that there was something blocking the solution. So, I decided to blow my nose again only a little more forcefully. Sure enough I ended up going through about 5 tissues before I felt like there wasn't anything in there. I think the fact that so much came out of my nose is a sign that this thing is working.

So...Gross? Yes, very. Uncomfortable? Yes, very. But I might not have a horrible sinus headache tomorrow morning when I wake up. So, I think I'm going to use this twice a day for the next week and see how I feel after that. *reaches for another tissue*

Good night everyone! Pleasant dreams. *blows nose*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Hate Faxing

One of Today's Adventures:

Facing the Fax Machine

Ok, I might be a child of the technology age (well, not as much as those 3-year-olds who dont' think that if doesn't have batteries it isn't a toy, but I digress...) but I still hate faxes and faxing and faxers. I shall tell you why.

If you follow my Dog Blog you know that recently my last GDB puppy in training was Career Changed (a nice was of saying flunked out of Guide Dog school). Now, I decided to officially adopt her as my forever dog, but to do that Guide Dogs needed her certificate of spay. Why the clinic couldn't fax it over I shall have to bring up with Allyson someday, but today the job fell to me. So, first I had to figure out how to plus our fax machine in (needed to get it in today so that I could get the adoption papers before leaving for Scotland) which could have ended up badly. I still don't know if I've messed up the home phone or not. Then I punch in the number, put the papers in, and watch them go through the scanner. My machine says "2 pages sent". Sent where? I know I punched in the number given to me, but there is no one on the other end to say, "Yes, this is the Guide Dog puppy raising office."

That is why I hate faxing. For all I know I sent over Hilly's certificate of spay over to a lawyer's office.


Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Today's grand adventure was;

The First Day of School!

No! Not my first day of school. Silly geese. I don't start for another month. Today, however, was the first day of school for most of the schools in California. How is other people's first day of school an adventure for me?

I live around a lake. There are small circles within a larger circle and right outside of the large circle is an elementary school. Because the school is so close most of the kids who live in...this...round lake surrounding place go to school there. And obviously, most of them walk (why waste gas when it's over $3 a gallon?) Now, here's where we get to the adventure part. These kids are all walking to school as I'm walking my dogs around for their daily walk. I have a large Golden Retriever and my parents have a little labradoodle. Both of these dogs are sweet as pie and love kids to death. Unfortunately Arwen, my large Golden, is...well...really, really big. Her head is over most of the kids' heads. So, while she badly wants to love on the children and have the children love on her...she kinda scares them. And Rosie, the little labradoodle, will just stand there looking up at the kids until they pet her...but they're all too scared of my big baby Arwen to come near. So, imagine this. Me (I'm pretty small) trying to pull back my large 70lbs. Golden from running over to the kids and scaring them half to death before school while at the same time trying to hurry Rosie up and keep her from just standing in the middle of the sidewalk.

Also, both of my biological parents are teachers. My dad teaches at the University in town and my mom is a University Professor turned High School teacher down in the LA area. So my dad was at work all day today and I'm just about to call my mother to ask her how her first day of teaching the kids of the stars was.

An adventure? I think so. One that I think I'll miss next year...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2 1/2 Weeks

Well, I leave for Aberdeen on September 7. That's only 2 1/2 weeks from today! Classes don't start until the last week of September, but I wanted to get back to my flat and set up and settle in before I get caught up in classes and work.

Also, I miss my Lisa. Haha!

So, I think I'll try a do a post every few days about the exciting adventures during my last few days here at home. Today's exciting adventure:

Ingenious with the Peeps!

If you've never played "Ingenious" google it now! Then go to the store and buy it. It is one of the funnest games I've ever played. Ok, I could be exaggerating a little because I like games like chess. Mind thinking games. Anyway, my friends and I played for three and one half hours and then I had to leave. Whilst playing we called each other names such as "son of a *****" and "a cultural back setter" and told each other to "**** off" and "burn in ****". Overall it was a pretty good couple of games. We tend to get potty mouths when start playing games. Unfortunately, time passes too quickly. So we're planning a meeting in a few days before our Christian goes back to University. A good-bye party for me and him.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not Enough Bathrooms

Alright, so I admit that this is my first time staying in a hostel. Well...if this can be considered a hostel. It's more like temperarily renting a flat room with four beds in it for a small period of time. Anyway, as I was saying. This is my first time in a hostel so I could be completely missing the mark with this one, but I want to talk about the bathroom situation.

We're on the top floor "flat". Our room has four beds one of which is a double bed. That means in all this room can fit five people comfortably. Another room can fit eight, the common area can fit nine, and there are two other private rooms probably fitting between five and eight. So all in all, if this place was ever full there could be about thirty people sharing this "flat". Now, you'd think that there would be at least four bathrooms for thirty people. Well, you're wrong.

There are a total of two bathrooms on this floor. Now, I'm sharing with my family and another couple so in all there are six of us (maybe eight, I'm not sure if there's another couple). This is only six people and sharing the bathrooms is very difficult. Like right now, the reason I'm blogging, is because there isn't a bathroom open. This means I might not get into to town in time to look around before my family wants to walk through Lithia Park (which we're allowed in because Hilly is a service animal; we checked). While I don't mind spending some time with my family my grandfather is 80 years old. I'm not 80 years old. In fact, I'm much younger than 80 years old and I'm also ridiculously active. Walking at the pace my grandfather does is actually a big pain for me because it's sooooo different from my normal pace (I like it to if I were blind and given a Guide who walked slow; it's just not a good mix). I don't mind waiting all the time, but for and hour before we *hopefully* see a show this afternoon would be hard for me if I don't get to walk around at my normal fast pace first.

So, seeing as I'm already not this hostel's biggest fan (I might have a post up about it on my Dog Blog soon) I would be most upset if I couldn't take my fast walk through downtown today. I don't know. Am I missing the mark completely? For those of you who have stayed in hostels before, what was your experience with the bathroom situation?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thespian Instincts

Here we are in the land of Ashland, Oregon. Let me first say that this place is gorgeous. I mean, it's absolutely wonderful. When I was applying to Universities the University here in Ashland was definitely up there on my list. As you know though I picked the real land of Shakespeare. There's a part of me that thinks it's too bad I didn't chose Ashland. I would have had a blast here in Ashland. Especially since I've done this whole acting thing since I was young. Every season during the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival I would have been right there in line to audition for parts in plays.

Of course there is a drama program in Aberdeen. The Centre Stage Society is the school's drama group. It isn't as highly acclaimed as the AOSF is the thing. I could audition for shows there (and I might this coming year) but if I were here I would be working with famous stage actors and some well known movie actors as well. That, I think, would be so cool. Plus, I've always wanted to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet which I don't think is on the school's list of plays for this upcoming year. (I almost auditioned for my hometown's Shakespeare in the Park version of Romeo and Juliet, but it continues too far past when I need to be back in Aberdeen.) But, back to Ashland.

This place is such a great place for those of us who enjoy acting. Since it's a tourist destination there is always need of waiters and waitresses for the many restaurants and bakeries in downtown Ashland alone. There are also tons of stores that probably use young actors to work behind the counter. Everywhere you go you see actors.

Yesterday, my mother and I were walking around the downtown area when we saw two young girls with their father. They were performing songs on the street and had the music cases out for tips. These girls couldn't have been older than 12 (and 12 is stretching it a little), but they were out there playing their violin and guitar and singing. They were very good for youngins. Then further on we saw a family of string players. The oldest might have been 14 and youngest was 8 at the most. The one girl was sitting playing a bass that was taller than her and probably weighed more than her. They too were very good and they too had a case open for tips.

Like I said, this is a great place for performers. My question to you is that do you think it's right for a young child to be out on the street performing for tips? In this situation I actually saw nothing wrong with it because they were all obviously there to earn a little extra cash to cover game expenses their allowances didn't.

Oh, I wish I grew up in Ashland. I would have continued with the violin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Trip to Oregon

Well...summer's almost over. Ok, there's two months more until University term starts again, but I'm going back to Scotland in about a month so technically my summer break home is ending soon. But there's still time for another trip. You say, "Another trip Erin!? I didn't even know you had taken one." Yes, yes I've been a bad blogger about posting my summer adventures. Just know that I've been camping and to and from the bay area of California a couple of times. It hasn't been all that boring of a summer really.

Anyway, now I'm heading up to Oregon for a week! What's in Oregon? Why, the Shakespeare festival of course. :-) I love going up to this festival. I've been a few times and it's always great fun! I'm not looking forward to the drive though. I get nervous legs when I'm stuck in small spaces for too long. At least I'll be able to catch up on my reading...well, as long as my vertigo doesn't act up tomorrow.

We're taking the trip in two legs. Hopefully there will be pictures for you guys from different places. If there isn't it's probably because I didn't find the time in between dealing with my family. Haha! Wish me luck!