Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5: Bank Trouble

Do you guys remember when I was having some trouble with the bank? Well, no more I say! That's right! Erin has finally gotten an account successfully set up with the Bank of Scotland. That took a little more effort than I was really hoping it would, but I did it nonetheless. :) So, guess what came today? My bank card, that's right! I'm very excited about this because this now means that I don't always have to worry about having cash on hand and it means that I won't be charged every time I take money out of my account. YAY! But there's one little glitch. They're sending me my pin code at a separate time and seeing as today is Friday I'm not too sure if I'll get it until Monday which means that I might have to wait until Monday to start using my card. Oh well. I have it and that's the important thing. :)

On a side note I finally got started on my English Essay. But there is just so much I want to put into it. I mean Fairy Tales go back to the beginning of the spoken word and they expect me to make a clear point in just 1000 words? *sigh*

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