Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers in the States. This is my second Thanksgiving I've spent not in the US. Now, I don't know how many of you know my feelings on thanksgiving but I hate it. As a holiday I think it's a ridiculous premis and the traditional celebrations just lead to more cases of heart disease and type two diabetes. And yet, I'm homesick just like I was last year.

I guess it's that when you grow up with something you get use to it and when it's taken away from you you realise how very far away from home you are. I have my ups and downs with my parents, all four of them, but that still doesn't mean that I don't miss them terribly. I guess right now I'm just glad that I made the decision to go home even for just a little over winter break.

I didn't go to class today. Not because I thought I should honour thanksgiving, but because I couldn't. I know that sounds weird, but I rarely skip class (I can think of two English lectures this semester) and today I just didn't want to do it. Homesick hits me pretty hard especially when you see status updates all day about the homemade food people are going to be eating later today and all you can think about is how you don't really want to cook tonight but you will because otherwise you won't have milk in the morning and just what to do about the mattress cover that seems to have squished to the point of uselessness (I'm fairly boney so spring mattresses and me don't really get along unless there's a buffer between the two of us to help sort out our differences). 

Anyway, I have decided to make a pumpkin praline pie and the dough for the crust is sitting in my refridgerator. I have most of the ingrediants I need for baking tomorrow except the pumpkin puree. Apparently, pumpkin pie is not as big a thing here as it is back home. It's a good thing that I know exactly where to get pumkpin puree tomorrow after class. If my roleplaying game is on tomorrow then I'll take it along and invite everyone to partake in the great American tradition of eating. I thought about making some sweet potato souffle, but didn't feel like I'd have the time with the pie as well. Too bad though. The souffle calls for rum and I always feel like a big ol' grown up when I buy alcohol in the gorcery store.

Right-o, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my English lecturers before I head off to sleep. He reminds me a lot of a mix between my junior and senior English teachers. He obviously has passion for what he does, but some of the things he says just...well the don't go over my head in the same sense as high school. I guess, I understand completely what he's saying, but what I don't get is why he says it in relation to what he said before it. It's like his slideshows are a outline of an essay, but not a finished product. By which I mean that they are organized to a point, but get a little lost here and there. He's an interesting guy to listen to and I don't mind him as a lecturer. I just kind of wish he would slow down and stop pacing from time to time.

I guess since I have nothing else to say on the subject it's that time of the post where I say all the things I'm thankful for right? Well...I'm thankful for my parents (biological and step), my brother, my friends, my four legged members of the family, and this cozy bed I get to sleep in even if the springs do leave sores on my hips every now and again.

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