Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sound Reactions

As a puppy raiser I have certain terms to describe a puppy's behaviour, thinking, status...well everything. One of the these terms is "sound reactive." Basically this is when I puppy becomes nervous, stressed, or scared when he/she hears sudden, loud noises. Obviously, this isn't used to describe a puppy who gets a little scared but recovers quickly and gets back to work. This is used to describe a puppy who shuts down when they hear a sudden, loud noise. I've often wondered why I am allowed to raise puppies as I am noise reactive.

Today is Bonfire Day. It's like the Fourth of July in that people shoot off fireworks. I for one hate fireworks. I mean I HATE them. I don't quite understand them and they cause me a great deal of stress. All they do is cause a great deal of noise and pollute our already sickly air.

I had to walk home this evening with fireworks going off all around me. It wasn't what I would call a good time. I kept jumping and turning around every time one went off near me. At least I wasn't walking through any neighbourhoods where they were shooting them off. The smoke usually sets off an asthma attack if I'm too close.

So, I've got the TV on loud and proud and I'm sitting here (alone) in comfy pants with a cup of hot chocolate whilst trying not to hear the pops and booms outside and forget the fact that I'm alone. (It's a Saturday night and I've got nothing to do except sit by myself and watch TV. Yeah, I'm cool.) 

At least I had fun last night.

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