Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogging Month Comes to an End

Well, I think we can all fairly say that I failed Blogging Month this year. Ah well!

Even though this year didn't go exactly as planned with regards to Blogging Month, I'm a little glad that it didn't. It means that I was more focused on University and going out with friends than making sure I was home everyday to write a blog post. That's more than I can say for last year. Last year I didn't focus nearly enough on University work.

Tonight is Pub Quiz night and I haven't been going all that often this year so I'm probably going to end up there tonight. I won't buy anything though because I spent 35 pounds on a new memory foam mattress topper. I was tired of feeling the springs and waking up with back pains. Hopefully that's all over now, but we'll see.

Tomorrow starts some real working on my part since I've taken Monday, Tuesday, and today of this week off when I wasn't suppose to. I was going to stay on campus after the film viewing for English today and get some work done, but there was a strike today which meant that I didn't have to go on to campus as the viewing was cancelled. And since I had to wait in until my mattress topper came in, I didn't do a whole lot of work. I need one day where I'm completely focused to get me back into the swing of working after a week of rest. But tonight I shall spend with friends.

We haven't won the pub quiz in a long time, so let's hope tonight is the night!

What I've learned from this month is that I don't really post enough on this blog. So, I am going to try and start posting once a week. I'm thinking about taking an idea from my dog blog which was a stolen idea. It's Worldess Wednesday. That's where all I do is post a picture. I'm thinking it could work. Or maybe every Friday or Sunday I'll post a litte something abou the previous week. We'll see how it goes.

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