Monday, November 14, 2011

My Aberdeen: Part 5 (More of the Campus)

Well finally, as promised, here are a few more pictures of the campus. Unfortunately Aberdeen doesn't seem to be lightening up on the weather front. It also doesn't appear that it will be lightening up any time soon. My hair hasn't been thanking the weather any. You see, my hair tends to poof up when it comes into contact with water...especially water in the air. But, I'm getting sidetracked.  
This is the building that I have been spending most of my time in for the past few weeks. This is William and Guild and it houses the Psychology department's office.

This is the pathway from William and Guild to the other parts of campus. That building is the back side of Edward Wright. I just happened to think that this looked pretty today.

A nice, simple alleyway. There are a few of these on campus and for some reason, they make me really happy.
William and Guild, from that picture, may not look very big or imposing. But this morning, on my way out of one of those Psychological tests that I'm required to do for course credit, I got a little lost on my way out. Yeah...I'm not that directionally adept, but even if that's true it's still impressive that I managed to get lost in the little part of the building I was in.

What will tomorrow bring? Well, I actually have no idea. I'm not doing much tomorrow except hiding away in the library writing my essay. Perhaps some of the Taylor Building or...I don't know. Some pictures of a park if I decide to get off my lazy rear end and go for a jog. I think I might have to. I've been doing nothing but eating sweets for the past few days.  

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