Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Aberdeen: Part 1 (The Gardens)

I thought I would start off this week's theme of "Aberdeen" by showing you where I live. Now, my first plan was to walk around my neighbourhood and take pictures, but the weather had other plans for today. So, I'll cover my neighbourhood tomorrow and just show you the outside of my flat. Now, I originally took a photo of the building and then realised how depressing it looked. So, imagine an all white building that houses four flats. Basically, what I have for you are pictures of our yards.

Our back yard. We have the closest gravel bit and the whole grass bit up until half way through the drying green. Notice the grass is all the same length. I fixed it. *smile*

This is the front garden. It's basically all ours to maintain. I need to trim this grass when possible it just isn't all that unruly like the grass in the back garden.

The fact that we have a front and back yard is really what sold me on the flat when we were viewing it. I like having yards to take care of even if I'm not the best at it. It also has grass and gravel which is great for Guide Dogs.

Also, I don't know if I've posted this before but I'll do it again anyway. You see that line of hedges in the front garden? That's our responsibility to trim. There's one lone bush on the other side of the pathway leading to the front doors. Now, it wasn't very well trimmed and at night I kept running into an overhanging branch. It was little so it wasn't hurting me or anything, but it was annoying as all hell. So the first day I tried to mow the lawn to find out that we needed an extension cord I decided to trim that hedge a little thinking the hedges were our responsibility. I started trimming it and this old lady comes out form next door and says that I don't touch that hedge and that it was the upper flat tennants' responsibility. It was an odd experience which led me to make sure what parts of the garden were ours to maintain. I honestly don't think the upstairs people would mind if I trimmed their one hedge, but you know, that lady sure thought so. At least I got that overhanging branch beforehand.


  1. I love your front garden & backyard, thanks for sharing!

    Brandon's Raiser

  2. Pretty! Can't wait to see more! :P