Friday, November 25, 2011

My Friends

With only five days left of November I think it's time that I start my next theme. I'll still be doing a little bit of the teacher thing, but I wanted to get this started before the end of the month. This theme is Roleplaying/Friends.

Now, making real good friends is not something that I do often. I am very friendly and when I'm forced to do work in a group or be around other people I think I make good impressions and make people like me. But I don't immediately add them to my facebook list of friends, get their cell numbers, and try and meet up for coffee every weekend. That takes time. I wish that I made friends easier than I do because then I would have...oh goodness. I was about to say back up friends which makes me sound like horrible, horrible person. I guess what I mean is that if I had a different group of friends I wouldn't have to worry about not having anything to do Saturday because all of my friends have roleplaying games. That, and I would probably have more of a guy pool to work with. Oh, there I go sounding like a horrible person again.

Not that I don't love my friends. My friends are kind of awesome. Really awesome to be honest. Friendships to last a life time I guess. *smile* We're all sort of nerdy and really geeky and I like that about us. Hey, anyone who wants to pretend that they are an elf in their spare time is a friend of mine.

I think what I'm trying to say is that even though I don't have many good friends, the few that I do hang out with are pretty darn awesome and I'm kind of really glad I joined the roleplaying society. Even if I got some weird looks last year at the Fresher's Fayre when I went over to the stall to sign up.

To end this hopefully flattering post about my friends, I wanted to share the most recent character I created. She is for my Friday night Vampire of the Masquerade game (yes, I'll be heading off soon). Her name is Angelina Sophia Beaureguarde or Angie for short. She's a member of the Brujah clan which means, basically, she's really stubborn. Brujah's are also, traditionally, fighters and Angie lives up to that. She was political science major before being turned so she's also really smart. I think she's the character that I've put the most thought into. I really, really like her.

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