Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Aberdeen: Part 6 (The Shopping Town)

You'll have to excuse these pictures. They aren't very good and I didn't get many of the best places in town. There is a pretty nice cemetery and I little park and quite a few statues. Unfortunately, my journey today didn't take me near any of those. I had to go get some supplies for the poster we're making in Psychology (because we're apparently in 3rd grade) and pillows which meant going to Union Square and Bon Accord. Union Square is an indoor mall though the hobby store is one of the stores that has a front on the street. Bon Accord is an indoor mall as well, but it's also got some outdoor shops. I am lounging on my new pillows and am quite happy since I've been sleeping with just one since those darn hooligans took my bag of pillows back on my first night back.

A small side alley. The stairs to the left lead up to the main street (Union Street). I prefer to take the smaller roads during the day because there are less people which means less hassle.
The outside of part of Bon Accord. Usually there are street performers in this little outdoor area.

This is a little road in between one part of the Bon Accord and the other. I actually quite like this little street. It leads to two very nerdy stores and to the pub we frequent on Wednesday Nights.

George Street. George Street leads straight from Bon Accord to my flat. There are building that are pretty on George Street but they are usually overshadowed by the smell of hobo piss and vomit. This street doesn't really sell Aberdeen does it? It's really not that bad during the week. 
Yep, these aren't too good nor do I think they show off the true beauty of Aberdeen. Most of the people here think I'm crazy for saying things like this, but I think that Aberdeen really is very pretty. I guess it's because you don't really find towns like this in the States. Except for maybe on the East coast. But I live on the West coast so...yeah, don't really see towns like this.

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