Sunday, November 27, 2011

Committee Meetings

Last year I was the First Year Rep. on the AURA committee. I decided that I liked it so much that I wanted to be a part of the committee again this year. Well, really, I wanted to see what it was like to do something on the committee. You see, First Year Rep. is really there just to break ties in votes and since we don't do many votes I just sat around a lot last year. This year, I do actually get to do something.

I am the Secretary. This means I write down the minutes for our sometimes pointless committee meetings. I take note of votes and what the President says needs to get done. I'm also in charge of the email list (which I really should update soon...). This year, the secretary also had a new job added to it. I got to make sure that everyone signed a liability sheet. It basically said that if any member went a little nuts a threw a chair out of a window we, the society, would not be responsible and the member would have to find a way to pay the damage. Simple. And yet it was a bit of a pill to do this year because we ran out of sheets and had to take names on a computer spread sheet and then track them down. Luckily, I have tracked down most of them.

Anyway, the committee this year is made up of a lot of my friends. So, while the University has gotten something stuck up it's ass butt and decided to close the Hub on weekends, the committee meetings aren't all the bad. Sure, we have to make sure to have lunch before/bring one with us because the library cafe is usually out of sandwiches by Sunday afternoons, but at least we can all sort of sit around and make jokes. I guess, if we get done early, we don't have to sit around feeling awkward until games start at 2pm. It's a nice feeling to spend an hour a week with friends. Even if we are talking about Christmas Meals and Society Hoodies.

Right-o, on to apparently what I've started as a description of all my characters.

My third character was for a very short game that only lasted a week. Her name was Florence (or Flo). She had a lioness named Zenyatta as an animal companion. Flo was smart and a hopeless romantic. Zenyatta was there to make sure that she stayed out of trouble. It didn't always work. I liked Flo and Zenyatta, but like I said, the game only lasted a week so I never truly got emotionally attached to them.

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