Friday, November 18, 2011

Language and Cognition

Well, I spent a lot of time this morning trying to figure out what to post today. I was either going to talk about my other psychology lecturer or go into town and take some pictures. I decided to leave that until tomorrow as I actually have a reason to go into town tomorrow afternoon. That left me with my Friday Psychology lecturer. I didn't know what I was going to say because this is only the second week I've had her. Glad I chose her now.

Our behavioural psychology was condensed from twelve weeks to six weeks because the lecturer is now off...someone doing some research. It's out of the UK anyway and would have made doing her lectures a little hard. So, last week we started in on the exciting path of memory & cognition and language & cognition. Friday's lecture is the language one.

Now, I decided last week that I like this new lecturer. She's fun and...slightly bubbly I guess. It helps that I've always been interested in language. But, I actually get what she's saying and understand it without much effort on my part so I'm able to just enjoy the lecture.

Today, we were talking about speech perception and how it should be hard but humans are pretty much amazing at doing this. Of course some times we can mishear certain sentences. Mondegreen is the technical term used to describe misheard song lyrics. There are several theories as to why we often mishear song lyrics which include that when people are singing a lot of the little aids we use to interpret these sounds are absent. She put this youtube video up and stated that it had no educational value, but she just had to share her new favourite mondegreen. I was in a fit of giggles. Good thing it was at the end of the lecture.

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