Sunday, November 20, 2011

Posters in Univeristy?

Right, this semester I have two psychology courses. One is a theory course and the other is a methods course. I enjoy them both, but for different reasons. I won't go into those reason now as it would take a while to explain. They just appeal to different parts of the learning or my brain or something like that.

Anyway. for the theory course we only have two tutorials for the whole semester. One was back in week 3 and one is this next week in week 9. That's a plus definitely, the teacher and what they are having us do is definitely not.

Week 3 I walked into the tutorial with some serious stomach issues. I sat in the back, which I don't normally do, with my head on the desk, also something that I don't normally do, trying hard not to lose everything I had eaten that morning. Needless to say, I wasn't paying all that close attention which caused me to miss my tutor's name. After class I caught up with him to ask him his name just in case I needed it and he was not particularly nice to me. In fact, he was a little rude. He has proceeded to stay rude towards me. He seems like one of those guys who doesn't think anyone is near as smart as him so he feels the need to patronize everyone he comes across. I don't like being patronized. I hate it in fact.

What I hate even more is that he split us into groups to create posters for the next tutorial. Yes, posters. I thought I was a second year University student, not a third grader. *Sigh* It's truly annoying. I would feel better getting up in front of the class giving a presentation about it than presenting a poster. It feels a little demeaning to be honest.

Ah well, I've gotta do it.

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