Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Agitations and VegBag

As my faithful readers I want your opinion on this first bit of my post. These are the little things I am learning that agitate me about living with other people and I want you to tell me if I'm being too uptight about it or if my concerns are reasonable.

Ok, so we are all adults living in this flat. I believe I am the youngest at 18. We have two second year students so they're 20/21 and two other first years who are both 19 I believe. But all of these ages constitute adult am I right? Now that we have established that we are all grown up let us begin.

The guy in the room next to me has people over constantly. Now it doesn't bug me if they're over during the day and being loud. I really could care less. But, at 11pm (2300 for those of you on military time) I get a little peeved if he and his friends are making a lot of noise. Sometimes I'm trying to sleep, sometimes I talking very quietly with Ryan over Skype, and sometimes I just can't sleep so I'm doing homework. Now, I can hear the guy in the room next to me saying things like "Keep it down guys" and ""Hey, be quiet" every so often if they really get loud. So, I'm not so much annoyed with him. It's not that I mind that he has friends over (heck! if Ryan comes to visit me he's going to be staying here so it's definitely not that he has people over) it's just that, well, at 11pm it's courteous not to be shouting at your TV. Especially when the walls are paper thin. Right? So, just trying to get use to that.

Now it's time for the shared space (i.e. the kitchen). Why don't people put up their dishes!? I'm not opposed to leaving them on the drying space for an hour to let them dry, but for 4 days? That's just ridiculous. It made it to where I would have to wash and dry my dishes right away. I couldn't leave them for an hour to dry. And if I had a lot, say at dinner when I actually cook food, then I didn't have any place to leave the dishes that were already washed. Again, not opposed to an hour or two, but those dishes were there for four days in the same position before they were finally put away this afternoon. Am I in the wrong in thinking that as grown ups we should put our dishes away?

The garbage can in the kitchen fills very fast. There are, after all, 5 of us using the same rubbish bin. Now you would think that it would dawn on people that... "if it's hard for me to squeeze one more thing in there then it might be hard for the next person who walks in...maybe I should empty the rubbish and change the liner." Unfortunately this hasn't happened. I have changed the rubbish bin 4 times in the past 2 days. And I know no one else has changed it because it's the same garbage. How can I tell? Well, because when changing the liner there have been times (all of them) that it is just too full to tie off so I have to empty a layer of trash. Under that layer of trash I have put into another liner I find yesterday's trash. Now, I don't mind doing this maybe once every 5 days. I figure it should fill once a day with 5 people there and there should be a different person every time putting the last bit of trash in. So everyone will change the bags. Is it too much to ask that when you fill the rubbish bin that you are the one to empty it, change the liner, and take it down to the rubbish pile downstairs? I don't think so.

That's pretty much all that has really bothered me. I'm just tired of being the only one who takes out the garbage because most of it isn't mine. I know everyone says that but it's true. I don't do a lot of take away or frozen meals so a lot of this stuff isn't mine. I had an empty carton of soy milk and an empty box of cereal in this last one. Maybe an apple core too, but still.

Now that I have that out of my system I can tell you about my VegBag. I signed up to get a Bag of Vegetables every other week. It's 6 pounds per week. I picked up my very first VegBag today. I have celery, apples, carrots, a weird leafy green I can't ID (but I'm gonna use it), a turnip...I think, two red bell peppers, I think a few parsnips, 3 onions, and of course some potatoes. I'm gonna be cooking tonight I can see. :) I'm thinking about taking some pictures of my VegBag for you guys and posting it later.

Plan for the rest of the evening. I'm going to a pub with the Roleplaying Society for a pub quiz and some drinks and fun. Yes, even though I'm not a big fan of alcohal I'm going to order something. Why? Because I can.

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  1. I meant to comment this morning but had to go find a parking spot on campus ;-) Anyway, I think you are right absolutely and have the right to not have to take the trash out multiple times a day and about the noise late at night. I hope it gets better for you!