Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 1 of Classes

Now, you may remembe that I having trouble getting my timetable. Wel, it finally came up last night around 8. This is the day before classes start mind you.

9-10 English Seminar 1D
9-10 Gaelic Language class
10-11 Gaelic Oral Class 1OA
12-1 English Seminar 1H
12-1 Gaelic Oral Class
1-2 English Seminar 1B
2-3 English Seminar 1J
3-4 English Semincar 1C
3-4 Art History Lecture

10-11 Philosophy Lecture
11-12 English Lcture
12-1 Engish Seminar 1G
12-1 Gaelic Culture Seminar
1-2 English Seminar 1G
2-3 English Seminar 1G
4-5 Art History Lecture

Wednesday: I really like this day because it comes with theleas problems
9-10 Gaelic Language Class 1OD

9-10 English Seminar 1F
9-10 Gaelic Semiar
10-11 English Seminar 1G
11-12 English Lecture
11-12 Gaelic Oral Class 1OC
1-2 English Eminar 1K
4-5 Philosophy Lecture
4-5 Enlish Seminar 1K
4-5 Gaelic Oral Class

11-12 Engish Seminar 1L
11-12 English Lecture
12-1 English Seminar 1E
1-2 English Seminar 1A
3-4 Eglish Seminar 1I
4-5 English Seminar 1G

No I did not write down some of the times wrong. They really do have me scheduled for that many classes at once. Mind you, the day before classes start I get this. So I have to go fix it this morning and see what's up. It's really annoying. >:( Yes, very mad.

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  1. wow...wouldn't that be a fun week of school! sorry you are having trouble!