Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Week

Alright guys! Here we are on Saturday! I've been here for exactly one week today. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Things I have accomplished this week:

1. I have basically all my furnishing for my flatroom. Sheets, towels, trash bags, laundry things, cleaning solution...ect.
2. I have pretty much figured out the the building I'm living in.
3. I know my way around town sort of. It'll take a while before I comfortable with it, but I know how to get to 3 different grocery stores and I know how to get into town.
4. Took my first bus ride here and I'm slowly learning the schedules for different buses.
5. Met all of my flatmates. 2 of which I really like, 1 of which I haven't really gotten to talk to but I like her, and the other I'm not so crazy about, but some rain must fall into every life I suppose.
6. Registered for classes and met with professors.
7. Learned the campus. I rarely get lost anymore though I do always carry a map.
8. Met people outside of campus at different Society Meetings.
9. Signed up for Societies. I am going to be a part of 4 if not 5 this semestre.
10. UK phone number, Registered with the GP, set up a bank account and learned where to get my clan kilt made. (Clan MacGregor baby!)

Things I still need to do:

1. *MOST IMPORTANT* Get my timetable. My student portal is being stupid and not showing me my teaching timetable. So as of right now I have no idea when or where my classes are. I'm dealing with that today.
2. Make my room a little more cozy. It's nice now with my GDB stuff and my flowers and different pictures, but it still needs a little something more.
3. Really learn the Bus Schedule
4. Figure out where to get my mail (only thing I really haven't figured out yet)
5. Learn how to miss Ryan less so I can focus on my studies (that's going to be the hardest I reckon)
6. Make solid Friends. There a few people who I think I can make solid Friends with here. One of them is my flatmate (I didn't get her name this morning, but I like her and it would be nice to have a friend so close by) another two are in my Improv Society, another one is in the Roleplaying Society, and one I met at the airport.
7. Find a Damn post office so I can mail the many letters I have.
8. Go to a pub with has to happen at least once right?
9. Get a pair of gloves
10. Find a hair drier!

So that's what I still need to do. I also should take more pictures of the town. I promise you I will. For now, off to the Edward Right Building to get my stupid timetable so I can actually go to class!

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