Friday, October 1, 2010

AURS Pub Quiz Night Out

Last Wednesday I went out with the Roleplaying Society to a Pub Quiz. It was a time for us to get to know everyone (there are actually quite a lot of people in the society), have some fun with testing our knowledge of the obscure, and, of course, get drunk (for a few people). There are pictures, but I can only show you a few of them for...propriety reasons.

Now, you;ll be happy to know that yours truly stayed sober. I did have one drink. I went straight up to the bar and ordered my Pear Cider. And I got it. It was a pretty cool experience for me because I am only 18 and in America it would have been quite illegal for me to have bought the alcohol. Not so much here though. But I only had the 1 bottle the whole evening and Cider tends to have less alcohol than beer and definitely less than the hard liquor.
There's the bottle that I bought all by myself. :)
The menu. It was a Gothic themed pub. Pretty good food. And my friend Vera before the drinking began.
I would just like to point out that this was before the drinking began.
Poor Sandy's not too sure what to think...
Me and my new friend Marie from...oh gosh! I can't remember.
I did in fact "Grab a Bit to Eat". I figured since this was my first real experience with alcohol (I know, 1 bottle right) that I should have plenty of food in my stomach. So, I gots chips with cheese (or fries with melted cheese on top for people in America).
Again, before the drinking had really begun.
This was back when we all still really cared about the quiz. My team didn't win 1st out of our group but we did win second.
Ok, I know I said I wasn't showing everything for propriety reasons, but this was just too funny. Can't read what the sign says.
Enough the way, that's my GM Jamie. He's also the president of the club and he was is the team leader of the team my team joined up with because we both didn't have enough people.
Anyway, it was an overall great night. I really enjoyed myself and I really enjoyed being able to go and get my pear cider. Yes, I like girlie drinks, but I am a girl. But the really great thing about staying sober as Marlene and Sandy (who also stayed sober) can attest to; you remember everything that no one else does. :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can't wait for college! :)

  2. Come to the UK. You can't have this kind of fun (legally) in the US. :)