Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Room

So, I managed to sleep for 14 hours. For those of you who know me well know I just don't do that. I suppose I really needed the sleep. But I'm all ready for today and I'll be able to participate in the Fresher's Week stuff tonight. I just need to head down to Johnston Hall to get my Fresher's band so I can get into the clubs and things like that quicker and easier.

So, as I promised, here are a few pictures of my flat room.

My view.

I really like how everything here is green.

Some apples, the picture my friend painted for me, and my bunny angel.
My bed. I bought black sheets yesterday. They aren't that comfortable, but they're something to sleep on. And I'm sure they'll soften up after the first wash. Oh, and I'm not generally messy, but I was unpacking a figuring out how many clothes hangers I needed.
The only place in my room where I'm allowed to hang things. I need some thumb tacks and stuff to hang.
My gorgeous picture of Arwen. I miss her a lot. And that vase? I blew glass in Sweden when I visited my brother last Christmas and that is what I made. :)
My pop-up laundry hamper. It really does POP. I undid the band that was holding it together in a nice little circle and it almost attacked me.
My cloak and warm jacket on the wall hanger.
This is my small bathroom. But at least it's my own and I don't have to share it.
And my itty bitty shower. At least it lets me have hot showers and it's all mine.
My favourite corner in my dorm room. You see the black lab stuffed animal in harness and the yellow lab in his puppy jacket? I need a black lab in her puppy jacket and if Rocco makes it I'll buy a yellow lab in harness.

I still need to buy a few things like laundry and dish soap and other cosmetic necessities. But all in all it's a nice little room. And I mean LITTLE. But again, it's all mine so I can handle it being little.
I have my meeting with Professor McGonigle (that's still SO cool!) tomorrow morning which means I should probably buy a hair drier to quicken the drying of my hair.

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