Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Egg Breakfast

I again decided to eat breakfast in the kitchen area. Not only that, but I cooked this morning so there was more of a chance of someone coming in so I could meet other people in my flat. No luck though. I really was hoping as I was making my eggs and bread (we don't have a toaster) and stirring my instant coffee (worst thing in the world, but I got some sugar yesterday and it's a little better) that someone would walk in in their PJ's and we would get to talking about things which would make me late for registering for my Art History and Philosophy classes. I really was. I don't want to knock on peoples' door and say, "Hi, I'm Erin in room B!" It would just be a little weird if they didn't share the same enthusiasm about meeting people in the flat. Soon though, soon.

Anyway, I am making an effort at least and now I must shower and get ready to find the Divinity Library. I'm really getting into the swing of things here though there are still a few things that I think I need. But everything will fall into place by the time classes start next week.


  1. Okay - wow; I just noticed you had this blog... I didn't even now you were going to Scotland!
    I've been to Japan before - but never Scotland, sounds like loads of fun - and college there? Wow, enjoy!

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. Erin don't know where you are in Scotland but I found this event you might like.