Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I registered for my classes and spoke with Ms. McGonigle. That was exciting! :)

So far I'm taking

Gaelic Language 1A* (it's pronounced Gah-Lick by the way.)
Introduction to Art History
Introduction Philosophy
English Reading/Writing*
Controversial Classics*
Celtic History*

Tomorrow I start getting my times set up and in order. I really can't wait to start learning Gaelic! The courses with the * next to them are courses that I need to take because they pertain to my degree. The other two are just fun courses to fill in credits. As soon as I know my complete schedule I'll let you know exactly what I'm taking.

Also, I met people today! I met these two guys who were also in line for the International Student Registration and ID cards. They're both American too! We talked for quite a bit. One of them is from Maine and the other from Michigan. I actually hope to see them around (stupid me forgot to get contact info again) because they were very nice and I think it would be nice to have some American friends while I'm here. Not that I'm going to try harder to meet other people. But I can talk baseball with them!

In an effort to meet people I went to the Freshers' Fair today. There I signed up to help on the student team for Fair Trade and I also signed up fro Ju Jitsu and Thai Chi. The last two cost a bit of money but! I also talked to a woman at the AUSA (Aberdeen University Student Association) about getting a job so I could have a little more spending money.

You know what else I did? I moved all of my kitchen stuff into the kitchen! Finally! And I ate breakfast in there this morning and actually cooked dinner in there tonight! I didn't talk to anyone, but there was still a chance that someone would walk in and I would talk to them. I also know that there are people in both rooms A and D. I am in B which leaves 2 rooms that I'm still not sure of.

How do I know that there are people in those two rooms. The boys next to me are being a little loud right now (I think they might be a little tipsy) and I heard music from room D this morning.

Besides all of that stuff I figured out the wash room and washed my sheets and towels. I realized that I'm going to need more coins to do more laundry. You'd think they would have a coin machine in there, but no. I also walked farther this afternoon than before. I was trying to find the mall to get a rain coat, but I must have made a wrong turn or something because I couldn't find it. But on my way back I stopped into Morrison's again to check again for an umbrella and guess what I found! An umbrella!!!! Finally! I also decided to get a Goose Feather Down Pillow because the two cheap ones I originally bought just aren't cutting it and were giving my back aches.

That is what I did today and I am rather proud of myself. :)

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