Friday, September 24, 2010


So, I felt so accomplished form yesterday that I decided to sleep in and be lazy this morning.

Yesterday, I finally got a UK telephone number which means today I can finally set up my bank account which means that I'll have a local bank card which means I won't have to worry about ALWAYS having cash on hand.

I also figured out (sort of) the bus schedules and how much I need to pay and all that. 1 pound 70p for a one way ride to the city centre and 3 pound 50p for a day pass. I might get a day pass today if I think I'll go back into to town. Yes! I actually went into the city centre yesterday too. That's how I got my "Pay as You Go Phone". You know what else I found there?

An H&M!!!!! I have yet to find one of these in the States but that might just be because I live in California. But I love H&M. I have a pair of jeans from there but that's only because I stole them from my brother's girlfriend when she came for a visit. What did I find at H&M you ask? I rain jacket! I very pretty rain jacket. Now, most girls love shopping, I personally have to be in the right mood for it and yesterday I really wasn't. But I figured since I was there and since I had just pulled money out of my account I might as well try and find one that I liked. I did, but it took a while. I have no idea what size I am here. I know I'm a Small to a Medium in the States. I'm only a Medium sometimes because of my gosh darn broad shoulders. I settled for a size 10 here. The 6 fit me perfectly around the waist and bust, but apparently Europeans don't have broad shoulders or long arms...or maybe I just have really long arms. 2 Sizes up and the shoulders fit "OK" but not ideal, but any larger and it would have been WAY too big for my waist and bust instead of just a little too big. But it's a nice rain coat and I love it.

Now, time to talk about the bus schedule. I held up the line a little both times because I'm still trying to figure out what to do here and you could tell the bus drivers were both a little annoyed. But that didn't bother me because if he couldn't tell by my accent (yes, I have an accent here) that I wasn't a native then they can just kiss my...feet, and deal with it. On the ride home I accidentally got off a little too early. I'm still not too sure where all the stops are and I didn't want to end up on a street I didn't know. Because of this I had to walk a ways before I got home. I don't mind walking, I actually really like it. But it was raining pretty hard and my feet were cold so I was hurrying to get home. As I was walking another bus came by and went through a big puddle right next to me. You can guess what happened. I looked like I had gone down to the harbour and taken a dip in the North Sea. What did I do? I started giggling uncontrollably because I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. So there I am, soaked from water that has God knows what in it, and I'm laughing.

When I got home I quickly stripped out of the dirty, wet clothes and slipped into over sized sweat pants and a long sleeve T-shirt and then immediately did laundry. Even then, my room kind of smelled like a wet dog all night. Now I normally wear "real" clothing when going down to the wash room, but I really didn't care at that point. I had been out for hours and was wet and dirty and tired so if people have a problem with my comfy clothes then, to quote Madeline ( yes, Madeline use to be my favourite cartoon ever!) the smallest of all, Poo Poo to them.

Oh, another reason I was so tired and wet is because I went to register with my GP (general practitioner) yesterday. For those of you who don't know what that is exactly, it's just my doctor. As an international student I am entitled to FREE consolations, Free Check Ups, and FREE registration. The only thing I have to pay is 3 pound for any medications prescribed to me if I get sick. I'm ok with that. Ah, Socialism. Everyone else is paying for my medical care and I really don't care at all because I'm paying an arm and a leg to go to school and learn stuff so I can be a functioning member of society when I'm all grown up. Then I will gladly pay some some other kid's medical care because I want them to be able to buy food and not have to worry about what happens if they get sick while they're studying at the University. Call me a Socialist, but I am glad I don't have to worry about what would happen if I got really sick in a strange country all alone while I'm paying $10,000+ to go to school so I can get a job and not mooch off of my parents or others when I'm older.

That was my adventure yesterday. I deserved a little R&R after that so I did take it easy this morning. I talked to Ryan for quite a while and didn't have to worry about getting out at a certain time which was nice. And now, I'm going to tell you my plan for the afternoon. I joined the Aberdeen University Roleplaying Society. Yes, I know, nerdy. But I've always been interested and what a better time to try it? Hey, if I want to unwind on Sundays by make believing I'm an elf why not right? Haha! Ok, so now that you all have a different opinion of me, I'm going to finish getting ready so I can go to the first Roleplaying Association meeting in two hours. :)

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  1. Ella, that sounds like an epic way to spend a Sunday XD