Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think Erin might have some friends guys!

I went to "register", which apparently was code for sit around in a room, a VERY pretty room though, for an hour talking to people and maybe talking to a teacher. Anyway, I went to "register" my History of Art and Philosophy class and I met a few people there. I ended up going to another Freshers' Fayre for the Society sign ups with a few of them. Then afterward we went to have lunch at the Hub. There I met a few of their flatmates. We parted separate ways after lunch because of my stupid bank and student portal situation and they had to take care of some things as well.

Then I came back to my room for a little while before going out again. While here I went to get an early dinner (nutella sandwich. oh yeah!) in the kitchen area when who should I meet? A flatmate! Amazing really. He's the only guy on our corridor...I think maybe the whole floor. Anyway we talked for a little bit about American politics (yes! I've been missing that!) even though he's from London (well, Nigeria originally. How cool is that?). Then I left.

Why did I leave? I signed up for the Improv Society today and I went to my very first meeting where I met a few people I think I could actually become friends with. Two of them were Germans and another I'm pretty sure was Scottish. But they seemed like the kind of people who I could really be around for a while. You know? Like friends. I'm really happy about this.


  1. Glad to know you met people. I'm so quiet I probably wouldn't meet people for another month. It sounds like Scotland is really fun!

  2. Yay for friends! Although, I have enjoyed all your recent blog posts. They have been a great distraction from my homework!