Monday, May 2, 2011

The Search Continues

If you read my Dog Blog you'll know that we're still searching for a place to live next year. "But Erin," you say, "what about that nice flat you were talking about not too long ago?" Well, I'll tell you what happened to that flat. The agency had to get the "yay" or "nay" from the landlady which is why we didn't start signing papers immediately. We knew we probably wouldn't hear until last Monday because it was Easter Weekend. When we didn't hear all Monday afternoon, I was asked to call the agency. So, I did. The guy who was dealing with our request said that the landlady would contact either Marlene or Amy and talk to them to meet us because she had found her own people who wanted to move in. Which makes me ask the question, "Why did she go through an agency?" Before you say anything about the flat being on the market for a while it wasn't. When we saw it, it wasn't even technically on the market yet. Anyway, she never called Amy or Marlene (we never even had a chance) and we got a call from the agency telling us that she had picked the other people. We're thinking we'll go to another agency due to the two places we've wanted and have fallen through when we tried to lease them. Ah, well...I suppose that we won't get anywhere nice to live. Everywhere nice and close to campus is already taken. If we can't find a 4 person that we like I might suggest we split up into two groups of two.

We have another flat viewing this Wednesday and someone got in contact with me about a 4 person house I asked about. It's available from the beginning of July, but the woman on the phone said we could talk about that. I'm hoping that she says something lovely like "Yeah, go ahead and move in in June" or something. Mostly because the flat we're viewing tomorrow is about 40 minutes away from the University while this house is about 10 minutes away, if that. I'm going to call her back today and hope. This house also has garden access...I want garden access.

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