Friday, May 27, 2011

Waiting for Impending Doom

So, I got the time wrong for this morning's English exam. It's not actually this morning. It's at noon today. Essentially, I got up early for no real reason and left the house a little over 3 hours earlier than I needed to. I decided not to go home, but instead I am here in the Hub waiting for the exam to start. I did spend and hour reading one of the books I should have read already for the exam. It's only a backup book, so it's alright that I haven't finished all of it...right?

Here's what I can expect during this exam. There will be 2 sections. The first section there will be 3 questions to choose from and I am to pick one and write about it. I can use 3 of the books that were on the last section of the course (the "Race" section). These books include Doris Lessings "The Grass is Singing", Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and Chinua Achebe's (I think I spelled that name correctly) "Things Fall Apart". I've chosen Lessings as my first choice and Conrad as my second. See, I had to read HoD last year for High School and I don't want to have to write another essay on it. Especially not an eassy where I only have an hour to write. The second section there will be another 3 questions to choose from and, again, I am to pick 1 question and write on it. I can choose any book from the course as long as I have not yet written an essay on it. That ruled out "Maus" and "A Doll's House" for me. So, I picked Arthur Miller's "The Crucible". I'll use "Lolita" if the question I choose is not suitable for "The Crucible". I'll have 2 hours to write these two essays. It's a scary bit of business is final exams.

All I can say is that I wish that the exam would start already because the faster it starts the faster it'll finish.

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  1. Aww, but Things Fall Apart is such a great book (at least I thought so, but then again I haven't read any of the others you mentioned).