Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bitch in the Laundry Room

Alright, I do try and keep my swearing to a minimum on the blog because I don't know who is reading this or how comfortable some people are with swearing. But there are just some situations just need it.

Everyone has to do laundry right? I mean, in our society it isn't proper to go about in unwashed clothes that make you smell. UNITE (that's the student accommodations I am leasing from) has kindly provided their lodgers with the means to wash our clothes. I won't go into the fact that they charge far too much or the fact that the driers do not dry because that'll just make me angry. But, I do have to go into the fact that they have only provided 3 washers and 2 driers for all of the blocks (this is only one of the many reasons I would not suggest ever leasing from UNITE). That's 15 people per floor, 6 floors per building, and 3 buildings. Doesn't seem like enough space for everyone to do their washing. Also take into account the fact that a lot of the people here still seem to think like high schoolers in the way that "it's all about me and no one else matters". So, there's the background and here's my story;

I needed to do laundry tonight. I waited until around 8pm so that I could grab the clothes out of the washer, hang them to dry (I don't use the money grabbing driers anymore), and go to sleep early so I would be well rested for my exam tomorrow morning. I take my clothes down there and find that all of the washers are taken even though all of the timers are set to "0 minutes". Great. There's the other girl in the room as well just sitting. I was assuming that she was waiting for her clothes to get out of the drier because she was just sitting there. So, I wait for a minute or two before starting to take a load out a gently place it on a small table in the room. My theory is this, if you put clothes in one of the few machines that over 100 people have to share you should set a timer. It's the polite thing to do and if you can't be bothered being polite then I think I have the right to move your clothes from the washer so that I can do my laundry. Even if you're waiting for a drier I think you should take clothes out and put them in a basket or something until a drier is free. Again, POLITE.

So, I open a washer and start to take out the clothes. The girl in the room all of a sudden goes. "NO!" (in one of the rudest voices I've ever heard) and so my first reaction is to say, "I'm sorry?" She proceeds to say, "No! Those are my clothes and I'm waiting for a drier!" At this point I'm thinking, So why didn't you tell me that when I was opening all the washers to see if there was a free one. And then I started to think, Well couldn't you just take them out and put them in that basket of yours while you wait? Then I notice that one of the driers is finished and the other two are on 34 and 43 minutes. So of course I think, Couldn't you just fold those towels and set them on the table and then you'd have a drier and we'd both be out of here quicker? Instead of voicing these in the exact way I think them I ask "Would you mind if maybe I took them out or you did and..." she interrupted before I could say anything else with another rude, "NO! Put the on that thing!?" I assume she was talking about the table and not thinking that I would just throw her clothes on the floor. I swear, she was such a priss!

Now I'm stuck standing there because I have no idea if all the other washers are hers or not and I'm afraid to ask because she was so rude and she had her headphones on. If it were me and I saw someone needed a washer I would have moved my clothes out and let them have it. Maybe I'm just a good person in this respect. Anyway, I end up standing there trying to brush off the rudeness by thinking about what books I'm going to write on tomorrow and what quotes I'm going to use from them and what not. Mental studying. I stood there for maybe 10 minutes when she says in a raised voice, "Fine, you can just have this washer!" walks over the the drier that's finished and THROWS the towels across the room. I mean, JEEZ! they weren't even hers and she just THREW them. Total disrespect for other people's belongings. Then she start furiously and vigorously cleaning the inside of the drier with a wet wipe and is just real pissy about it. I mean REAL pissy. All of a sudden another girl walks in and takes her stuff from one of the washers (I guess they weren't all Bitch's but she was guarding them all that they were hers so I was a little nervous about taking anything out after she yelled at me the first time. And she could have said "Hey, those are mine and I feel uncomfortable about having them put on the table but the others aren't mine. Instead she yelled). I calmly put my stuff in the now empty washer and walked out leaving her furiously washing out the washer (apparently she had another load she needed to do...which she also could have told me). I mean, I'm real anal about some stuff, but really!?

There was something up her ass. I don't care if she was exam stressed or what. Nothing excuses that kind of rudeness and self centeredness. You can't monopolise the washers and driers when there are only 3 a piece. That's just not cool man.

Erin out. Bed.

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