Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Phone Call

We haven't received a call yet saying that the house we're going to view tomorrow is already taken! :D I take this as a very good sign, but we have to make it through the whole day without a call from the lady for me to get excited. The house we're viewing is a little expensive and we wouldn't be able to move in until July (meaning Marlene, Amy and I would have to find a place to keep our stuff for the summer and Lisa would have to find a place to live for 3 weeks...well 2 really) but I think we're all ok with that at the moment. We'll have to actually see the place to see if it's worth our money, but it's the last 4 bedroom place in Aberdeen until summer is over and we want to have it sorted before the summer begins. So, I'm hoping for good things of this house.

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