Friday, October 29, 2010

Ryan's Visit

Well, Ryan left yesterday morning to go to Kent before heading back across the pond. He has friends in Kent and wanted to visit them seeing as he doesn't make it to this side of the globe that often. I didn't like seeing him go, but I understood. He's gotta get back to work and back to his friends at home. Gotta make the monies.

Anyway, I really loved seeing him and I think it's the sweetest thing anyone has every done for me. I mean, he came all the way to Scotland just to see me. And he bought me flowers while he was here. That was nice. Yellow favourite flower by the way.

What did we do while he was here. Well, we explored mostly. I don't have any close friends yet, I do have friends though, but no one to go out to a pub or walk around with or any of that stuff. So we tried out a new pub which I quite enjoy and walked around the city centre and we even went to the local theme park.

Yes, Aberdeen has a theme park. It's small and old, but it's pretty cheap and pretty fun. Ryan is a bit of a theme park nerd. he's ridden...380 roller coasters I believe. Maybe 390...I know it's a rounded number like that and that it's in the 300's but I can't remember if it's 80 or 90. Anyway, he was like a kid at a candy store when we went to the park. And there were bumper cars! Not the stupid bumper cars we have in the states that are all concerned with safety and all that. The past few bumper car rides I have ridden have only been around in a circle and there was a sign above the parking place for the cars that said "No Bumping". These were dangerous bumper cars and the kids there were quite ruthless. I don't generally like ramming into 8 year olds but they started it so I can't help it. And they thought it was the most fun thing ever, so I don't feel any sympathy for them especially since I got a bruise or two.

I do have pictures but I don't really feel like posting them right now so I might post them in segments.

Again, I was sad to see him go and I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow alone, but I couldn't be happier that he came to see me.

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