Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Common Area

I have a question for you readers. Now, my flatmate has a friend who didn't work out his housing before coming to Aberdeen and he's letting this friend stay here. I'm totally ok with that because sometimes it's hard to work out housing when you're a second year because University Housing is not guaranteed to anyone above first year students. So again, I have no problem with an extra person here. He could put his pictures up in my flatmate's room and move food into our already packed refrigerator for all I care. I mean, Ryan's going to come visit me for about 2 weeks and he'll need a place to stay so I could care less if any of my flatmates bring people to stay here for a while. My problem is that it's week 3 of classes on Monday and he's still not looking for another place to stay and he's taken to sleeping in the kitchen. Once or twice I don't really mind. I can tip toe around him and make a quick breakfast with little to no noise. It's not a problem. But everyday? I kind of wanted porridge this morning. I waited until 9 to go in there (I fell asleep really early last night and just randomly woke up at 7) but he was still asleep. So I didn't want to turn on the lights a bang pots and pans around to make my porridge. But here is my real problem. I pay rent here and he doesn't. If he helps his flatmate out that's great, but he's not lessening my rent at all and he's making it hard for me to get breakfast in the morning. Even on school mornings I have to tip toe around my own kitchen for breakfast. It's kind of defeating the whole purpose of being in a self-catered flat if I can't make my food in the mornings. I don't know. It's just that I'm paying rent here and he isn't and I have to make breakfast in the dark on weekdays and can't have breakfast until he wakes up after 12 on weekends by which time I really hungry. It just doesn't seem fair.

SO my question to you is; "Am I making too big a deal of this?" "Should I just go in there and make some damn breakfast?" "Should I perhaps talk to him about how difficult it is for me in the mornings when he's sleeping in the kitchen and that I really don't think he should be sleeping in the common room because...well, it's the COMMON room?"


  1. I would just go in there and make your breakfast! If he wants to sleep in there fine, but maybe after a couple of times of being woken up because of people cooking he'll get the hint and start looking for a new place to sleep.
    But talking to him first is probably the more mature, adult thing to do. haha
    Good Luck!

  2. Ah, I still still sleep with a teddy bear and watch disney and read Winnie the Pooh and twirl around in my room when I think no one is watching. I'm not mature. ;)

  3. I so basically the same I would say, onward with the breakfast cooking!(: