Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thespian Instincts

Here we are in the land of Ashland, Oregon. Let me first say that this place is gorgeous. I mean, it's absolutely wonderful. When I was applying to Universities the University here in Ashland was definitely up there on my list. As you know though I picked the real land of Shakespeare. There's a part of me that thinks it's too bad I didn't chose Ashland. I would have had a blast here in Ashland. Especially since I've done this whole acting thing since I was young. Every season during the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival I would have been right there in line to audition for parts in plays.

Of course there is a drama program in Aberdeen. The Centre Stage Society is the school's drama group. It isn't as highly acclaimed as the AOSF is the thing. I could audition for shows there (and I might this coming year) but if I were here I would be working with famous stage actors and some well known movie actors as well. That, I think, would be so cool. Plus, I've always wanted to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet which I don't think is on the school's list of plays for this upcoming year. (I almost auditioned for my hometown's Shakespeare in the Park version of Romeo and Juliet, but it continues too far past when I need to be back in Aberdeen.) But, back to Ashland.

This place is such a great place for those of us who enjoy acting. Since it's a tourist destination there is always need of waiters and waitresses for the many restaurants and bakeries in downtown Ashland alone. There are also tons of stores that probably use young actors to work behind the counter. Everywhere you go you see actors.

Yesterday, my mother and I were walking around the downtown area when we saw two young girls with their father. They were performing songs on the street and had the music cases out for tips. These girls couldn't have been older than 12 (and 12 is stretching it a little), but they were out there playing their violin and guitar and singing. They were very good for youngins. Then further on we saw a family of string players. The oldest might have been 14 and youngest was 8 at the most. The one girl was sitting playing a bass that was taller than her and probably weighed more than her. They too were very good and they too had a case open for tips.

Like I said, this is a great place for performers. My question to you is that do you think it's right for a young child to be out on the street performing for tips? In this situation I actually saw nothing wrong with it because they were all obviously there to earn a little extra cash to cover game expenses their allowances didn't.

Oh, I wish I grew up in Ashland. I would have continued with the violin.

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