Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not Enough Bathrooms

Alright, so I admit that this is my first time staying in a hostel. Well...if this can be considered a hostel. It's more like temperarily renting a flat room with four beds in it for a small period of time. Anyway, as I was saying. This is my first time in a hostel so I could be completely missing the mark with this one, but I want to talk about the bathroom situation.

We're on the top floor "flat". Our room has four beds one of which is a double bed. That means in all this room can fit five people comfortably. Another room can fit eight, the common area can fit nine, and there are two other private rooms probably fitting between five and eight. So all in all, if this place was ever full there could be about thirty people sharing this "flat". Now, you'd think that there would be at least four bathrooms for thirty people. Well, you're wrong.

There are a total of two bathrooms on this floor. Now, I'm sharing with my family and another couple so in all there are six of us (maybe eight, I'm not sure if there's another couple). This is only six people and sharing the bathrooms is very difficult. Like right now, the reason I'm blogging, is because there isn't a bathroom open. This means I might not get into to town in time to look around before my family wants to walk through Lithia Park (which we're allowed in because Hilly is a service animal; we checked). While I don't mind spending some time with my family my grandfather is 80 years old. I'm not 80 years old. In fact, I'm much younger than 80 years old and I'm also ridiculously active. Walking at the pace my grandfather does is actually a big pain for me because it's sooooo different from my normal pace (I like it to if I were blind and given a Guide who walked slow; it's just not a good mix). I don't mind waiting all the time, but for and hour before we *hopefully* see a show this afternoon would be hard for me if I don't get to walk around at my normal fast pace first.

So, seeing as I'm already not this hostel's biggest fan (I might have a post up about it on my Dog Blog soon) I would be most upset if I couldn't take my fast walk through downtown today. I don't know. Am I missing the mark completely? For those of you who have stayed in hostels before, what was your experience with the bathroom situation?

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