Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Hate Faxing

One of Today's Adventures:

Facing the Fax Machine

Ok, I might be a child of the technology age (well, not as much as those 3-year-olds who dont' think that if doesn't have batteries it isn't a toy, but I digress...) but I still hate faxes and faxing and faxers. I shall tell you why.

If you follow my Dog Blog you know that recently my last GDB puppy in training was Career Changed (a nice was of saying flunked out of Guide Dog school). Now, I decided to officially adopt her as my forever dog, but to do that Guide Dogs needed her certificate of spay. Why the clinic couldn't fax it over I shall have to bring up with Allyson someday, but today the job fell to me. So, first I had to figure out how to plus our fax machine in (needed to get it in today so that I could get the adoption papers before leaving for Scotland) which could have ended up badly. I still don't know if I've messed up the home phone or not. Then I punch in the number, put the papers in, and watch them go through the scanner. My machine says "2 pages sent". Sent where? I know I punched in the number given to me, but there is no one on the other end to say, "Yes, this is the Guide Dog puppy raising office."

That is why I hate faxing. For all I know I sent over Hilly's certificate of spay over to a lawyer's office.


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