Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Today's grand adventure was;

The First Day of School!

No! Not my first day of school. Silly geese. I don't start for another month. Today, however, was the first day of school for most of the schools in California. How is other people's first day of school an adventure for me?

I live around a lake. There are small circles within a larger circle and right outside of the large circle is an elementary school. Because the school is so close most of the kids who live in...this...round lake surrounding place go to school there. And obviously, most of them walk (why waste gas when it's over $3 a gallon?) Now, here's where we get to the adventure part. These kids are all walking to school as I'm walking my dogs around for their daily walk. I have a large Golden Retriever and my parents have a little labradoodle. Both of these dogs are sweet as pie and love kids to death. Unfortunately Arwen, my large Golden, is...well...really, really big. Her head is over most of the kids' heads. So, while she badly wants to love on the children and have the children love on her...she kinda scares them. And Rosie, the little labradoodle, will just stand there looking up at the kids until they pet her...but they're all too scared of my big baby Arwen to come near. So, imagine this. Me (I'm pretty small) trying to pull back my large 70lbs. Golden from running over to the kids and scaring them half to death before school while at the same time trying to hurry Rosie up and keep her from just standing in the middle of the sidewalk.

Also, both of my biological parents are teachers. My dad teaches at the University in town and my mom is a University Professor turned High School teacher down in the LA area. So my dad was at work all day today and I'm just about to call my mother to ask her how her first day of teaching the kids of the stars was.

An adventure? I think so. One that I think I'll miss next year...

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