Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirty Sinuses

Ready for today's adventure? For those of you who are squeamish, this might not be the post for you. Today's adventure;

The Neti Pot

For those of you who don't know, a neti pot is a tea pot looking thing that you fill with solution and stick up one of your nostrils. Then you bend over a sink, tilt the pot so the liquid goes into your nostril, and then wait until the solution starts coming out your other nostril. The purpose pouring this liquid in one nostril and out the other is to clean out your sinuses. Sounds fun right?

Ok, it doesn't sound fun at all and to be honest, it isn't all that fun to use either. So, why am I using it? Because I had been having horrible sinus headaches for the past week and I was tired of having to take decongestants and pain killers. I wanted to try something different. This is definitely different.

Now, the one way I never ever ever want to die is by drowning. I would rather be burned alive than drown. That, my friends, is how much I do not *ever* want to experience drowning. You may be asking yourself, "If she doesn't want to drown, isn't using something that pushes water up her nose really uncomfortable." Yes, gosh yes it is! I HATE the feeling, but I have to admit that it actually feels like it's working.

I used this thing twice today. I used it in the morning and right here before I went to bed. The first time I got the water to flow nicely through both sinus canals and had...a lot of stuff come out. This time right before bed though I had a little trouble when pouring the solution through my left nostril. The directions say that the solution won't drain into your mouth through your throat as long as you aren't bending backwards. Well, no matter what I did tonight, the water was draining into my mouth. My first thought after I made sure I was not bending backwards in any way was that there was something blocking the solution. So, I decided to blow my nose again only a little more forcefully. Sure enough I ended up going through about 5 tissues before I felt like there wasn't anything in there. I think the fact that so much came out of my nose is a sign that this thing is working.

So...Gross? Yes, very. Uncomfortable? Yes, very. But I might not have a horrible sinus headache tomorrow morning when I wake up. So, I think I'm going to use this twice a day for the next week and see how I feel after that. *reaches for another tissue*

Good night everyone! Pleasant dreams. *blows nose*

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  1. actually I totally understand, I love my neti, I use it during allergy season and when I have a cold. Warm salt water when you are congested really does it the spot. Yeah when I am congested I sometimes get the water draining down my throat too. I just lean forward or try blowing my nose.

    if you are stuck in LAX send me a message me on face book. Carrie Afuso I'm happy to help if you need some hlep.