Saturday, January 15, 2011

Looking for a New Place

I'm starting to look at places to rent next year. I'm hoping by the end of February I'll have a place reading to move into next semester and the roommates to go with it. I'm looking more at houses than flats. Why? Well, obviously it's because I need a place that allows animals if I'm going to raiser for GDB UK next year...which I really want to do. So, that's the main criteria for my place next year. I've already seen a few houses that have backyards and private gardens! I think that's what I've been missing really. If I want to go outside to read I have to find a park, but there isn't one close to where I live now so I've been using the cemetery. Reading in a cemetery does have it's charms but still, it would be nice to have a garden next year where I could walk outside and feel grass beneath my feet. That's going to be my main adventure these next few months.

The whole "studying" thing is going pretty good. I think after I do laundry today I'll head over to the library or maybe the Hub to get some work done. I have this problem of not doing work in my room because there are a lot of other, more fun, things to do. Like blog...

Oh! I don't know if I told you about this, but sometime...oh, I want to say early December, I found this really large, sort of old fashioned rain coat in a thrift store. It was only 4 pounds so of course I bought it. The only problem was that it had built in shoulder pads. The fact that it was a size 22 (I'm a size 8 at the largest) plus the shoulder pads made me look like I had ginormous shoulders! So, what have I finally been able to do with the help of Lisa and her small scissors? I have removed the shoulder pads and am much happier with the coat. Now, it just looks far to large on me (which it is) instead of making me look like I'm hiding a "Hulk" body underneath it. :)

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