Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home is a Tiny Bedroom

Who ever thought that I would come to think of my itty, bitty, teensie, weensie flat room as my home? I certainly never thought I would. But, truth be told, when I was landing at the first of winter holiday my thoughts were, "Yay! I'm back in California!" but what I thought when I landed Sunday evening was, "*sigh* I'm home..." It's strange to think about really, but it hit me that California really isn't my home right now. It's where both sets of my parents live and it's where I know I'll always be welcomed back to with open arms but, alas! I do not live there anymore. Maybe one day I will be able to call California my home once again someday, but that won't be within the next few years. For now, it's my hometown that I visit every chance I get.

Enough of that "soul searching" type stuff. I spent yesterday getting re situated. It occurred to me that my room was a little messy so I've decided to clean it today in between studying (that is if these horrible cramps will allow me to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. Sorry guys, but I am a girl and these things happen to us). The reason I didn't clean it yesterday was because I really couldn't be bothered. I had to get my Internet back up and running at my room which required me to have my password sent to my email and then, seeing as I couldn't get my Internet working here, had to go down to school in the morning and use one of the computers there to get my info. Then there was the fact that I had no food, so I had to shop and by the time I got home at 11am I didn't want to go out anymore. So, I chatted with friends, watched a movie while unpacking and tidying here and there, and studied. My day ended with me ready then, as I couldn't take the cramps any longer, I laid down on my bed in a small ball and amazingly fell asleep. Ah, the first day back...not the most fun, but still.

I've only got one thing I really have to do that requires me to get out of my room today and it probably won't happen till afternoon...if I can stand by then. :)'s good to be home.


  1. Ah yes. Home is where you make it. Where you feel most comfortable at any given time of life. Emphasis on the "you", not others home, your home.

  2. As a former Soldier, my person says that some times your life will be without a home there will only be the place you are living. For me, I always feel at home when I am curled up next to my person. So I guess one could say that a home is where your heart feels love and you feel safe.