Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Birthday Continues!

I went to Sweden on the 21st to visit my brother. His girlfriend had been planning a surprise birthday party for him and she knew that I wanted to visit him for his birthday. So, I flew down to visit and was a part in the surprise party and had a lot of fun and all that. The only problem was that I flew home on the the 23rd which, as you all might have noticed, is my birthday. It wasn't a long flight, but it wasn't exactly a birthday either. My brother did buy me a Semla before I left though.

Anyway, my friend Jamie told me that he wanted to give me my present on Tuesday and that we were also going to have a movie night. So, I met up with Jamie Tuesday evening and walked over to his place. He said that I had to follow some simple rules if I was to get my present. He said that he didn't have enough wrapping paper to wrap it so he was going to cover my eyes as it was in plain view on the table in their front room. He led me through to the front room (almost killing me I might add) and then took his hands away. What was the present you ask?


I honestly had no idea, though looking back on it I probably should have. Anyway, I have a great group of friends and I had tons of fun (and ate far too much pizza and cookies). Lisa gave me my very own "Wildly Hairy Haggas"! I've named her Georgia. She's also special because she's one of the only grey Wildly Hairy Haggases out there. :) And my friend Ryan gave me a very pretty locket.

All in all, a very good birthday. :)
Thank you Jamie for arranging it!!!!

Pictures for you.

Contrary to belief, Sandy in not stripping. We told him to, but he started to button his shirt.
My Haggas, Georgia.

This party also goes to show how much fun balloons still are.

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