Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visa Sent Away

Yesterday I finally mailed in my visa. I meant to throw it in the mail on Friday, the day after my biometrics were done, but...well I don't remember why I didn't but there you go. It did give me the weekend to make sure that I had all the proper documents though. In the large manila envelope that I sent away to the British Consulate in LA was my visa application, my CAS number (this stands for Certificate of Acceptance. for those of you who have never applied for a long visa I need a sponsor to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa, which is what I applied for, and the University of Aberdeen is my sponsor), a bank statement so they know I have money to live over there for at least a year (Thank you Grandmother Marge and Granddaddy Ed for my college fund hope you guys are having fun in heaven), my proof of residence (which was just my signed lease and copy of the receipt for my down payment for my single study bedroom), and my passport.

I hate mailing off my passport. Why? Well, because I've had one since I was 2 and I feel a little lost without the little book that really proves I'm an American citizen. Not that I ever have to prove that seeing as I was born in Texas and all I have to do is show them a copy of my BC and everything is fine. Anyway, I guess I'm just nervous that it'll get lost. I mean I trust the consulate and everything, but just what happens if it gets lost? I'd have to apply for another one and who knows how long that could take and I need it to get to the UK and if I don't have it I don't get to go to school. Remember when all you needed was to be up to date on all of your shots to go to school?

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