Monday, July 26, 2010

Packing: Day 2

No, I haven't just been packing for 2 days, but this is the second day that I'm blogging about it, so hence the title. Anyway, I've been really trying to figure out what I should take, what I should leave, and what I should give away. I've already got a ton to give to my club's fundraiser garage sale, but I'm not even half way done. I know I'll probably get rid of most of my stuffed animals, but I don't want those to go until last. One of my leaders, Candie, has a niece. I have a soft spot for the almost 9-year-old girl (she told us constantly that her birthday was soon when she accompanied us to the Jelly Belly Fun Day) and I've decided that she is the perfect candidate for most of my stuffed animals. I've decided to give her a little stuffed dog, blue bear, and a white bunny wearing a pink dress. I called her Tea Time Bunny. Hopefully I will see her again so I can give them to her in person. As for things that I'm keeping here, I have a box. There are four rabbits in there. Two are baby toys that I've held on to all this time and the other two are toys, but they're for big kids too. :) I'm saving those for my future kids. In the box I also have some wooden letters that spell out the word L-O-V-E. On them there are brown bunnies. I'm probably going to stick my porcelain rabbits in there too. HAHA! You think I like rabbits? I do, but my favourite animal is the Panda not bunnies. Anyway, I've also put my nutcracker in there. He's a gorgeous doll. I begged my parents to get me a nutcracker when I was 6 or something right after I saw the Nutcracker Ballet. Hopefully my future kids will enjoy him as much as I have.

I've thrown away a lot of school papers that I should have thrown out long ago. I'm taking most of my binders with me because my dad told me that those things are really expensive over there. That means I'll take lined paper too of which I have a lot.

Right now my room is a disaster area. Hopefully it'll get better in the next few days.


  1. I am so excited for you! I want to study abroad soo bad! I wish I was the one packing to leave for Scotland! If you don't mind me asking...what's the cost of tuition over there?
    This post made me think of Toy Story 3...especially the part about the stuffed animals!

  2. Oh I cried so hard at Toy Story 3.

    Tuition plus room and board costs about $12,000 a semster (I'm trying to convert from pounds to dollars). I'm getting a bit more money a semster to pay for things like food and other necessities. It's just a little less expensive than college over here.

    There's a little part of me that wants to stay here where I know things. And of course it's going to be weird for me to not have a dog. :)

  3. So did I!

    That's not bad at all. I was looking at a school in England that was 27000 a semester. The school is shaped like a castle though! How did you decide to go to Scotland?