Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vets and Catan

Yesterday I got super busy and didn't get a chance to post my adventures for the day. It was a pretty...hectic isn't the right word, but it definitely was busier than I would have liked it to be.

Vet Visit and Catan

So, my first adventure was a spontaneous vet visit courtesy of my Golden girl, Arwen. Now Arwen is the love of my life and I can't imagine what it would be like not to have her around. She's technically the "family dog" but everyone knows that Arwen is really mine. She loves everyone, but I've been the one taking care of her in everything but money since she was a year and a half. Arwen is now nine and a half years old. That's not terribly old, but she's still considered a senior dog. So yesterday morning when I woke up and Arwen wasn't putting any weight on her left leg and didn't want to eat standing up and didn't want to move at all I went into panic mode. We decided that since yesterday was not only Friday, but the Friday before a long weekend, that we should take her in. That duty left to me (not that I wouldn't have gone anyway) so I took her early afternoon.

Our vet loves Arwen, but it's really hard not to love Arwen. She felt all up and down her leg and had Arwen walk and felt her leg some more. She couldn't feel anything wrong with Arwen's leg (no swelling or broken things) so Arwen was prescribed pain meds for a week and I was instructed to tell my parents to bring her back in if she was still limping.

Arwen is fine this morning...I think she's faking so she can try and get me to stay. She knows what the "suitcase" means.

After the vet I had a few friends (Lilly and Fiona) over to play Catan. It was like a last board game before I left. This was their first time playing Catan so I did win, but they both gave a really good game. I know I'm going to miss those two when I get back as much as I missed them last year. But I certainly am ready to get back to Aberdeen.

4 days and counting...

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