Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fresher's Week

This past week I have been a very busy bunny. Fresher's week has been quite busy this year...probably because last year I was the scared, little sheet wondering around the "fayres" not knowing what to do or where to go and being mauled by people handing fliers and information cards and what not. This year I was the person mauling scared, little sheep with fliers and information cards.

My week started Sunday when the rolplaying association committee got together and realised that we hadn't done anything for Fresher's Society Fayre except make vague plans. So, we got the rest of the day off after the meeting (because we had already set up some board game and movie time!) then promised that we would get some work done! Which we did. Marlene and I headed down to the hobby store to buy black crape paper and silver spray paint on Monday. Tuesday was a pretty busy day. First I helped Jamie on some poster ideas then went to campus to print out big letters and work more on poster ideas and then Marlene came over and we all made a big sign out of the black paper and silver spray paint. Not only did we make the sign that said "AURA ROLEPLAYING" we also made two silver shields with the dragon we've come to think of as our crest. Then we all stayed up late into the night printing fliers and posters. Wednesday was the fayre and started out with me having to go print more fliers early in the morning due to a misspelling. Then we all worked the fayre from 9am-3pm. Mostly I was either walking around handing out fliers and directing people to our booth or running back and forth from the print room. I did take a small break due to a stomach ache and dizziness (I think I didn't eat enough). That night was the society pub quiz for new people. Thursday was a little more of a break, but Marlene, Lisa, Amy and I all went to buy food for the give it a go sessions and I made cookies, entered emails into the list and sent out some reminder emails to people who were not lucky enough to happen by the booth when we still had fliers. Friday I ran down to campus early to print reminder posters and put them up all around campus. I had an hour's break before give it a go and board gaming which lasted from 2pm-10pm. This morning I volunteered with Guide Dogs taking donation in the city center and then did board gaming with new people from 5:30-8:30 (it went until 10 but I was too tired).

Did I mention that between all of this I had a Tier 4 Visa Check and my advisor meeting (which deserves its own post due to all the hassle)? And that I have been living on one meal a day and crisps and biscuits in the afternoon for the past week? And that the electricity here shorted out my facial brush? And that I found out I have a lecture right at the time of puppy class and will have to figure out how to get things settled with the person in charge? There are a few words that describe me right now; broken, dead, stressed, sleepy, annoyed, etc. You take your pick and that's probably me. But I think one word sums all of it up.


Good Night! My week isn't over until Tuesday when I can stop stressing but until then...*bites nails* see you later.

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