Friday, September 16, 2011

A Week Back

I've been back a week now and it's been...well, it's been interesting to say the least. I won't say that it's been my favourite week in the world. Aberdeen gave me a different welcome home than I was expecting, but at least I'm back home.

Last night I was watching "Frasier" in my new living room and one of the characters said something that really made sense seeing what's happened this past week. The quote was, "people suck." Now, I've always tried to believe that there is a little good in everyone, but I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe some people are just bad. Maybe they weren't born bad I don't really know, but something happened in their life that took the good out. *sigh* I won't go into details about what happened, but it wasn't a fun night and it hasn't led to fun days. Fun jokes maybe, but not so much fun times. Ah, well. The time has passed and everyone and everything is getting better. Including me.

I was helped along with this by a large box I received a few days ago. I wasn't expecting anything (besides my pictures and DVD of Rocco's graduation from GDB) so I was really surprised when a very large box arrived. I opened it a wouldn't you know it!? someone sent me flowers. Alright, before you start getting ideas in your head it was my father. So not as exciting as all that, but still, it's a really pretty house plant and definitely something that our flat needed. Now what it needs is pictures on the wall and possibly another sofa since we are taking turns of lounging on it at the moment.

Well, that's all for now. I'll let you know if anymore people start going bad.

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